Have you ever wondered what an LLC is? Have you ever wanted to know if you need an LLC for your podcast, YouTube channel, Amazon fba, real estate investments, or other business? Have you ever wondered how to start an LLC or how an LLC helps with asset protection? Have you ever wanted to know what articles of incorporation are? Have you ever wondered what an operating agreement for LLC does and whether you really need one? Have you ever wanted to know what a registered agent is? How about what a Delaware LLC is, an LLC vs s corp, or a holding company? This episode and others of Esquire Advice cover these topics and many more relating to the formation and usefulness of LLCs. Also, check out our LLC university playlist and other videos on business and real estate topics. To subscribe to Esquire Advice, kindly click here: https://www.youtube.com/c/EsquireAdvi… If you have episode suggestions, you can email them to us at esquireadvice@gmail.com.

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