Our corporate and business law practice primarily consists of assisting client with;

Our private lending practice consists of representing client when they are lending money to parties for business purposes. Sometimes these loans are secured by real estate, LLC interests, stock or they are unsecured. We typically provide all of the below services on each private lending transaction.

  • Review Deal Structure and Advise on Ways to Obtain Collateral
  • Advise on Usury Issues
  • Draft Loan Documents
  • Review and Comment on Title Commitments
  • Recommend Lender Title Insurance Endorsements
  • Review LLC and Corporate Documents for Proper Formation and Authorized Signers
  • Review Signed Loan Documents and Approve Disbursement of Loan Proceeds

Let Dolan Law LLC Help

Dolan Law LLC is a boutique law firm, which provides our clients with the highest quality corporate law, contract law, real estate law, and business advice while delivering unparalleled responsiveness.

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